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VirtualPortfolioTM is the revolutionary Card Partner Management platform which allows card issuers to launch multiple card partner programs efficiently and profitably. Previously untapped smaller organisations can now offer cardholders loyalty, gift or payment cards, which along with the higher customer engagement of a smaller company, generates a new source of revenue.

In addition VirtualPortfolio leverages the digital on-demand printing of cards to remove the risk associated with launching and marketing card programs, eliminating costs of large card runs and waste, printing only what you require.


Key Statistics

  • If a credit card company can hold onto another 5% of its customers each year then the total lifetime profits from a typical customer will rise, on average by 75%.
  • With over 2,500 different affinity cards on the US market, representing approximately 25% of payment cards held by Americans, choice within the payment card market - whether credit, debit or prepaid - is abundant.

More information

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